What is SimGF or Sugar Baby?

SimGF stand for Simulate Girl Friend like Sugar baby. It’s a new generation of relationship. For man to pursue girls easily with chance.

SimGF, A man try to give all he could provide, the woman accept and try to be his girl friend . If the woman does not accept, that is reject. The woman can give advice: “if the man can… I can try to become her girl friend” .

SimGF is really different from sugar relationship and escort services. It’s not an employment relationship. The relationship may base on money, but more base on sincerely. Girl dominates.

On the first time meeting, man pay for transport fee, dinner fee, and gift. At the end of meeting, man can suggest what he can provide to her girl friend in future. he just suggest what he can provide, not ask for sex service. Even if a sex relationship happened, it would happen naturally because of
romantic atmosphere, not a service.

You can find SimGF mostly in millionbb.com and some dating apps like Princess