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Prostitutes!? Sugar Baby Earns SGD14,000/month in dating

She has been in the sugar dating scene for over two years now.

Sugar Besides pay-per-meet sessions – one-off meets where she charges up to SGD500 per date – she has long-term arrangements with three different men in Singapore who give her material benefits in exchange for companionship.

Jenni (not her real name) told The Straits Times that she earns a decent living from her monthly salary as a marketing executive and allowances from sugar daddies of dating website

Image from Ng Sor Luan/The Straits Times
A 28-year-old Malaysian woman recently revealed that she earns a total of SGD14,000 a month in Singapore from both her day job as a marketing executive as well as being a sugar baby

Jenni first heard about sugar dating from a friend two years ago when she asked how she could afford such lavish trips to Europe

Her friend told her about a sugar dating app that connects sugar babies with wealthy men or women, otherwise known as sugar daddies or sugar mummies.

According to China Press, she had a few concerns when she first started, however, she soon got over them.

Jenni said she soon preferred sugar dating over traditional dating because there was always an uncertainty with normal dates and no setting of expectations, which often leads to failure of a relationship.

“That’s such a waste of time. With sugar dating, at least I get compensated for my time,” she said.

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She also said that she has a rule where she does not date men who are married or above the age of 45

And she does not dive straight into sexual relations with new people.

“I may do it in a long term arrangement though,” she said, adding that she does try not to be too emotionally invested in her sugar daddies either.

One of her current sugar daddies, whom she has been seeing for about five months, is a Singaporean entrepreneur in his mid 30s who gives her a monthly allowance of between SGD8,000 to SGD10,000.

In total, the sugar baby said she earns about SGD14,000 from sugar dating as well as her day job. She usually saves a third of that money and spends the rest on facials, manicures, and holidays to Europe and the United States.

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She also sends some money home to her family in Malaysia who does not know about her dating life

Jenni said her family had traditional mindsets but would not mind explaining to them the situation if they found out.

“I think prostitutes get paid to do what they have to do – they cannot reject or say no – whereas if I’m uncomfortable, I can always say no,” she told the Singapore daily.

She is also aware that being a sugar baby has been deemed controversial but said, “I don’t feel a lot of guilt or anything. I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong or illegal. Sugar babies are not prostitutes.”

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