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SimGF who can make £3,000 a WEEK from Sugar Daddy

It’s sold as a fun, sexy , quick fix to a life of luxury – and thousands of UK girls are turning to it.

Becoming a sugar baby to a rich sugar daddy means being paid to spend time – and often sleep with – much older men who shower you with gifts and ‘perks’.

But there is a dark side to the lifestyle, which are uncovered by BBC documentary, Secrets of Sugar Baby Dating.

For 18-year-old Valentina it is the perfect arrangement.

The teenager, who is still in college, has seven sugar daddies who treat her to expensive dinners and nights out, buy her expensive designer clothes and pay her rent and expenses.

Valentina can earn up to £3,000 a week from just one of her sugar daddies – and even plans to marry one of them when he retires.

She said: “I can’t find a level with the boys my age, all they want to do is sit at home and play FIFA.”

And she knows exactly what’s expected of a sugar baby, the name of younger women whose lavish lifestyles are paid for my rich, older men.

Valentina says: “These men don’t want women who will come to them and grumble about their problems and the stresses of their life.

“They want youthfulness injected back into their lives.”

One of the things the teenager often does with her sugar daddies is role play – where she will dress up as a schoolgirl in the bedroom.

She insists she has “really interesting sex” and that these are “just like a normal relationship”.

Fashion student Valentina also has her eyes on a bigger prize – she’s planning on making her sugar daddies fund her empire and build her brand.

It’s something millionaire Brandon Wade wholeheartedly agrees with.

The 48-year-old is the founder of a string of sugar daddy websites, including one of the most popular – Seeking Arrangements.

Brandon, who is worth around $35million, also describes himself as the “ultimate sugar daddy”, who lives in a stunning £4.5million home close to Las Vegas.

He insists his sugar daddy websites are nothing like prostitution or escorting and that there are strict guidelines for both the men and the sugar babies.

Brandon lives with his 22-year-old girlfriend, Zoe, who he hopes to start a family with soon.

And while she is no longer classed as a sugar baby – she is financially taken care of.

Brandson says: “She gets a lot. She has her own credit card , which she uses for everything.

“I pay for everything – travel, dinner, nights out – and I put money in her savings account when we hit a milestone.

‘I want her to feel secure in our relationship so if it doesn’t work out she can leave if she wants to.”

Despite his steady relationship with Zoe, 26 years younger than him, Brandon still dabbles with some sugar babies and describes himself as “polyamorous”.

In New York, Chandler has experienced the dark side of being a sugar baby.

Selling sex for money is illegal in America but when Chandler was struggling to pay her rent, she signed up to a sugar daddy website.

After her first experience, which included sex, earned her $800, next time she couldn’t cope financially she once again turned to what she thought was a rich older man.

He agreed to pay her $1,200 for an experience with her and a friend but insisted she book the hotel room and he would pay her back.

The sugar daddy claimed he was an investment banker and was too busy to do so himself.

But after Chandler and her friend’s experience, the money never materialised and she was left heavily in debt and unable to pay her rent.

Her ordeal has also left emotional scars.

She said: “He was a master manipulator who took advantage of women in desperate situations.

“I want to warn women that there’s a really dangerous side to sugar dating.

“It’s emotionally damaging and is risky behaviour. Every time you go up to that hotel room, you don’t kno what will happen.

“The next time I date someone I will have to tell them that I had sex for money.”

It was not the first time the man had duped women into sex for free, believeing they were going to be paid huge sums of money.

He had been using Seeking Arrangements and even though he was banned several times, repeatedly set up new profiles so he could target ore young women.

Brandon has now vowed to take legal action against men who abuse the site.

At Kent University it’s estimate at least 1,000 students have signed up to sugar daddy websites, the highest number in the UK.

One male student, Luke, was struggling financially and wasleft with no money for food after he had paid his rent during his first term.

He signed up for a sugar daddy website and was quickly having several dates a week.

The 22-year-oldhas a regular sugar daddy, who is in his 50s, and who pays him £70 an hour for sex.

Luke said: “I don’t enjoy it at all. It’s pretending to be a normal relationship but how I act isn’t how I feel.

“I just black it out, it doesn’t define me. Sometimes afterwards I just curl up in bed on my own to make myself feel better.

“My family have no idea I do this. They are also struggling financially and I don’t want to put pressure on them or make them feel guilty.”

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