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A SUGAR baby was having sex with her online “daddy” in her own mum’s home

A SUGAR baby was having sex with her online “daddy” in her own mum’s home before her two accomplices stormed in wielding an axe and demanding cash. 

Shannon Haynes, 28, met her older victim on the website under the username “SexySienna BlondeBabe” last year.

She organised to meet her 37-year-old victim at her mother’s house and they agreed he would pay her £560 each week for her services, the Illawarra Star reported.  

She reeled him in by posing as a typical sugar baby, writing in her profile: “I enjoy the finer things in life.

“I will say I have expensive tastes and love shopping.

“I like to live a party lifestyle with expensive dinners and spontaneous holidays.”

After a chat, she agreed to lower the price to £150, which was to placed on the bedside table each week. 

But while they romped, Haynes stopped and demanded more cash from her sugar daddy  — which he refused to pay. 

Furious, she contacted her accomplices, Michael Sullivan and Justin Diaz, as her victim got dressed. 

As he tried to leave, the two men burst in, with one of them armed with an axe.

They demanded more cash but when he said he only had £150, Sullivan struck him in the head. 

I will say I have expensive tastes and love shoppingSugar Baby Gone Bad Shannon Haynes,

At this point the terrified man agreed to withdraw the rest from a cash machine, but instead he went to the police.

All three were caught and convicted.   

Haynes was sentenced to 20 months in jail yesterday with a non-parole period of 12 months. 

Her accomplices, Sullivan and Diaz, admitted reckless wounding and using an offensive weapon and will be sentenced next month.  

Haynes’ defence lawyer said his client called Sullivan and Diaz but did not expect them to come armed with a tomahawk. 

The defence lawyer even argued Haynes was actually the victim. 

But prosecutor Jacqueline Azard said Haynes didn’t do anything to stop the two men from attacking and trying to extort her sugar daddy.

She said: “It was a set-up and she wanted back up.

“As soon as she saw the tomahawk she did nothing, it would have been frightening for the victim.”

Haynes wrote a letter to the magistrate, saying she was sorry and she has now changed.

But Magistrate Stoddart said given her role in the crime and her violent criminal history, he was unsure about her ability to be rehabilitated so soon. 

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