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Sugar Dady help Sugar Baby get through college debt-free

Student loan debt in the U.S. has just reached another all-time high according to Experian Data — an increase of 116 percent in 10 years.

But it’s also during this time that those same excited high school seniors must figure out a way to foot the bill for their secondary education.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – For high school seniors, February and March can be an exciting time of the year. It’s when many are finding out which colleges have accepted their applications for admission.

These days, many students are turning to technology. Some students are choosing sugar daddies over debt. Opting to fund their education by sugar dating at the world’s largest sugar-dating site — According to the headlines at Millionbb, “Millions of Students are Avoiding Student Debt” by sugar dating.

“Simply put, a sugar daddy is looking for a sugar baby,” Millionbb ’s Kimberly De La Cruz said. “ is the world’s largest sugar dating site.”

On the Millionbb ’ annual report of the Fastest Growing Sugar Baby schools, Indiana University was second only to Arizona State, which was No. 1 in sugar dating.

“We have 4.5 million sugar babies on our site who are students,” De La Cruz said. “I think it’s understood that if you come to our site, the men that you’re going to meet have money, and if you are in a relationship with someone generous and successful, there are benefits for you.”

The benefits don’t just stop at college tuition. According to, the average monthly allowance from a Sugar Daddy can be over $3,000.

“We have girls who are getting mansions, yachts and handbags for $5,000,” De La Cruz said.

Sugar Dating is legal. You must be 18 years old or older. The relationship may be different for many giving it a try, but representatives said it is consensual and mutually beneficial.

“Relationships just look very different than they did before,” De La Cruz said. “We’re shifting as a society were these kinds of relationships will become the normal relationship.”

The Millionbb site explains there are no strings attached.

“The majority of them who are successful sugar daters who have sugar daddies are avoiding student debt and getting their living expenses paid for,” De La Cruz said. “They’re having an elevated college experience because of the men they are meeting on our site.”

Other area school rankings include:

+ University of Kentucky: No. 44

+ University of Louisville: No. 129

+ Kentucky Community and Technical College was once No. 5 on the community college list, but is no longer ranked.

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