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The first Bitcoin dating websites,

Many people have questions about Bitcoin. One of them is where can Bitcoin be spent?Today I will introduce a dating site that accepts bitcoin to pay the member fee. Millionbb is a dating site that promotes the appearance of men and women. Men must be financially capable and be generous to women.

Millionbb is a Taiwanese dating site, but it is also very popular in Hong Kong, and you can choose Hong Kong. Although it is a Taiwanese website,, because Hong Kong girls are more expensive.

In Taiwan, you can easily start a conversation and get the woman’s phone number, although most will ignore you or block you later.

However, more Taiwanese girls who’s willing to go Dutch with you, and they has been ruled by Japan for decades.
In Hong Kong, everyone know that it is basic sincerity to invite girls must pay the bill.

But even if you ask, a girl may not agree to the appointment, and the Hong Kong girl will agree to the appointment with a $100-$200 for your meal.
Every time you come out, you have to make up and dress up time. In Millionbb, men not only have to entertain guests, or even pick up and drop off in a special car, or even pay for car and horse dressing, in exchange for an opportunity for women.

General dating apps are too time-consuming. You may take a phone call during few months and you may not get an appointment. In Millionbb, it is more sincere and I can directly get the contact information of the woman, and quickly make an appointment with a beautiful lady to start a relationship.

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