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45 years old have 4 sugar daddy spend £20k and have sex with them

THIS mum-of-two has made £20,000 in a year by charging men to date her – as well as being treated to designer shopping sprees and a Range Rover.

Samantha, 45, who lives in London, earns between £1,000 and £2,000 a month from the four men she is currently dating – who she met on Seeking Arrangement, a sugar baby website.

The part-time Pilates teacher, who’s originally from Perth, Australia, has been single for three years – since splitting from the father of her sons, who are 24 and 18.

She became active on Seeking Arrangement two years ago – after moving to London from the countryside – and has already banked thousands.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, she said: “Most of the 15 men I’ve dated work in finance and are aged from 36 to 60. They are wealthy, some of them have been millionaires.”

As well as her monthly allowance, Samantha has been treated to a weekend in Paris, fancy Mayfair hotels, posh London dinners and designer shopping sprees.

She said: “My most memorable date was a trip to Paris and a boat ride along the River Seine – it was our fourth date.

“We went for the weekend, it was just so beautiful. It was to coincide with one of his business trips, so we flew business class.

“I’ve had some amazing, fabulous dinners at Gordon Ramsay restaurants, hotel treats in Mayfair and shopping trips.

I was bought a Range Rover. I didn’t ask how much it cost, that would be impoliteSamantha, 45

“I’ve been taken to places like Dior, for a handbag and sunglasses, but also high street stores.

“I was bought a Range Rover. I didn’t ask how much it cost, that would be impolite. I needed a new car and he offered to buy me one.”

A brand new Range Rover costs between £31,600 and £83,600 – depending on the model.

Despite cashing in on romance, Samantha insists she isn’t “materialistic”.

She said: “The simpler things, like a picnic in the park, are just as special.

“I don’t need too many gifts, I’m not that materialistic, I prefer to receive an allowance to help with my living expenses.

“That’s far more important, it’s less shallow. I get about £1,000 to £2,000 every month. It depends on how much I need, it’s not a set amount.

“I’ve made about £20,000 in total, which I mainly use for rent on my one-bed flat and food. It costs a fortune to live in London.”

What is a sugar daddy and how does the relationship work?

A sugar daddy is a generous older man who spends lavishly on his mistress, girlfriend or boyfriend.

He’s often a businessman, who considers himself too busy for conventional dating – and isn’t short of a few bob.

A sugar baby, meanwhile, is normally an attractive younger woman who can’t afford her luxury lifestyle.

The couple will usually establish a financial agreement early on – as well as their boundaries, such as whether or not they’re considering a sexual relationship.

Some sugar babies ask for a monthly allowance, while other get ‘expenses’ in the form of glam holidays and shopping sprees.

While a growing number of sugar babies are university students, who turn to their ‘daddy’ to pay their fees.

According to Seeking Arrangement, the average sugar daddy is 45 years old – and earns a salary of £176,000.

While the average sugar baby rakes in £2,300-a-month, making a comfortable annual ‘salary’ of £27,600

Samantha only charges from the third date, by which time they’ve “broken the ice” and decided if there’s a connection.

She said: “After a couple of dates, we make an arrangement to have a monthly or weekly allowance.

“It’s not the same for every person, each man’s circumstances are different. I don’t demand a certain amount, we negotiate.”

They do expect sex, but do men not expect sex on regular dating sites?Samantha, 45

Despite the money aspect, Samantha has no qualms about sleeping with her dates – and currently has a sexual relationship with three of the four men she’s seeing.

She said: “Normally from the third or fourth date, we will plan to have sex with a nice venue, after dinner and Champagne.

“It’s all very lovely, romantic and classy. They do expect sex, but do men not expect sex on regular dating sites?

“They all do, whether you’re being paid or not, it makes no difference. That’s what the ultimate destination is.

“I wouldn’t class myself as a Sugar Baby, I’d prefer to be called a Sugar Lady.

“I’m a bit old for the baby part. I call myself Lady Samantha, not Baby Samantha.”

Samantha insists her ultimate goal is to find a life partner, but says the last couple of years have been about having fun following her divorce.

She said: “I would love to find a relationship, I think that could come from one of the men I’m currently dating.

“I have been single for three years and I joined the site because I missed the companionship of a man, and the physical side.

“I don’t want to give that up yet, I know I’m 45 but I still love sex.

Samantha’s Seeking Arrangement experience

Allowance: £1k-£2k a month

Total banked: £20k

Age of dates: 36-60

Situation: Work in finance, some millionaires, all single

Most memorable date: Weekend in Paris with business class flights

Other great dates: Gordon Ramsay dinners, Mayfair hotels

Presents: Range Rover, Dior handbag and Dior sunglasses

“I wasn’t ready to jump into a relationship straight after a long-term marriage and divorce.

“My children are both adults now and I just wanted to have a bit of fun and take some time out for me, before I start settling down again.

“My sons don’t know about my dating life, it’s none of their business.

“If they asked, I wouldn’t hide it but I don’t think it’s right to volunteer unnecessary information which might cause them strange thoughts.”

Is a sugar baby the same as an escort?

Sugar babies sometimes get bad press, mainly because of the issue of sex – and how it’s tied up in the financial relationship.

But the girls insist they’re not the same as a prostitute or escort, and there is some truth in this.

The key difference is that a sugar daddy relationship is a regular arrangement.

Where an escort might be hired for the night, or as a one-off to attend a fancy event, a sugar baby would be meeting her daddy several times a month.

Although unconventional, the sugar baby set-up is a relationship of sorts – meaning the women consider themselves to be very different from a call girl, no matter how high end.

Although Samantha mainly dates older men, she says she’s also batting off offers from toyboys.

She said: “I do get a lot of enquiries from a lot younger men, aged about 20 to 22.

“I reply and say ‘thank you for your interest in viewing my profile, I’m very flattered but you are a bit young for me’.

“A lot of younger guys like older women, probably because we’re more direct and in touch with our own emotions.

“We’re just more worldly and wise, in touch with what we want and more honest.”

I wouldn’t class myself as a Sugar Baby, I’m a bit old for the baby partSamantha, 45

When it comes to others’ opinions, Samantha isn’t bothered.

She said: “If people judge me, that’s entirely their problem, not mine. I’m having the time of my life.

“I’m going to the most amazing places, being treated like a queen. I go to fabulous restaurants which I would never be able to afford on my own.

“I’m not harming anybody and it’s got nothing to do with anybody else, it’s my life.

“The calibre and class of men on Seeking Arrangement is far superior to other dating sites, these guys are educated, intelligent, they’re businessmen.

“I tried Plenty of Fish, Tinder and OkCupid. I had very bad experiences.

“The men are liars, they arrange to go on a date but don’t turn up, or get straight into the whole dirty picture routine, which is really not my style.

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