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SugarBaby “This is what we learned!” Malaysian reveal trade secrets

More than 200 netizens decided to do just that, to ask her a whole buffet of questions, and we decided to pick up on the most interesting bits. A 22-year-old Malaysian sugar baby was bored one Sunday and decided to come out on an Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) thread on a forum.

A bit of a backgrounder on the Sugar Baby, she writes that she is “a 22 year old Agnostic Malay lady” who has had two sugar daddies. She added that she became a Sugar Baby, someone who receives cash, gifts or other benefits in exchange for companionship (which may or may not include sexual intimacy) for financial reasons, “because I need to pay my student debt and also want to save up for my Masters studies (hopefully) overseas.”

What we learned about the Sugar Bowl lifestyle:

Potential Sugar Daddies like to talk about sex. No surprise there. Moving on.

Sugar Babies have a sisterhood wherein they protect each other. The writer said that in a meetup with a potential Sugar Daddy, two to three other Sugar Babies stay nearby in case things go sideways. She also said that one time a potential Sugar Daddy left a lunch abruptly and stuck her with the bill, but luckily enough  she had friends nearby who helped her out.- Advertisement –

Sugar Baby said it’s important to discuss money outright, so that there’s nothing unclear. Also discuss terms of engagement, how often to meet, how discreet you want to be.

She also said that Sugar Babies prefer monthly allowances preferably in cash.

The Sugar Bowl lifestyle is not uncommon, apparently. “You don’t always hear people talk about sugaring and having a SB (Sugar baby), but its not uncommon. A good amount of my friends are SB’s and I even know a SB from Indonesia that flies here every month to meet her SD (Sugar Daddy) who’s a malaysian. You’d see alot of malaysians on —a website for those who want such relationships.”

Sugar Babies sometimes develop feelings for their Sugar Daddies, as the writer did, for her second SD. Given the intimate nature of their relationship, this was not surprising either.

She answered other questions regarding intimate matters, but since TISG is a family-friendly publication, we’ll refrain from going into that!

There were many comments thanking her for sharing about her life openly. “let us just be grateful that OP is shedding some light on her “sugar bowl” scene to us sheltered flakes and be willing to talk about a rather private aspect of her life,” wrote one.

A netizen wrote, “No questions. Just wanted to say thanks for doing the AMA. Always happy to learn more about other peoples’ lives and perspectives – especially ones that are hush-hush. : )”

Another commenter thanked her, and asked how she dealt with people who judge her for being a Sugar Baby.

At one point she expressed her hopes for the future, writing, “I do want an exclusive relationship in the near future.Like I said,I dont intend on sugaring forever.I know my background as SB will turn off most men,but I know one day I’ll find a guy who’s open minded enough about it and will be accepting of who I am in the future.If that fails I’ll just continue being a cat lady :p” —/TISG

She answered that she’s glad she’s grown a thick skin. “tbh I just smile and keep quiet.Its no use arguing with them and telling them they’re wrong and stuff.Everyone has their own opinions,regardless if it sounds offensive to me. I’ve pretty much grew (sic) a thicker skin and learned to not give a damn if someone criticizes my choices.”

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